My Love Affair was born after two major figures of both the entertainment and advertising sector realized their common will to create a structure dedicated to bringing brands and entertainers together.

My Love Affair Created by Cathy Guetta and Raphael Aflalo.

My love affair is the media agency dedicated to bringing brands
and artists together.

Cathy Guetta, world widely known for her numerous successful ventures in the entertainment industry, and Raphael Aflalo, media expert formerly MD of the Omnicom Media Group, met back in 2010.
Their vision was clear: brands and artists have a lot to bring to each other and, whilst artists are striving to find a business model working in the long term, brands are constantly trying to create unique and strong environments in which consumers will see their constantly growing expectations met.

My Love Affair’s official launch in June 2011 at the Lions in Cannes, France was preceded by already many achievements for the company, securing various partnerships between high profile artists and world widely known brands.

Right away and to start things up, the company also was able to achieve a first fundraising, convincing some of the most successful web entrepreneurs: the founders of vente-privee.com, Xavier Niel (Free) and Covent Partners, a hedge fund that’s already invested in many great projects, including other music focused web ventures.